About The Book

website pic The book isn’t written by a medical professional or caregiving practitioner, but a maverick “everyman” who had to trust his instincts when he assumed the role of primary caregiver to both parents. In this guide, he helps caregivers and those soon-to-be caregivers understand exactly what their role is, how to care with true love and compassion and also keep themselves healthy in the process. It’s the first grassroots book of its kind, coming at a time when millions of Americans each year find themselves taking on a “job” they didn’t expect. The book is intended to share in the wisdom that he has gained and inform other kind and gracious folk. It is primarily intended for those who are current caregivers as well as others who most likely will assume the role of primary caregivers in the future. It is also intended to shed some light to the general public, particularly those who are uncertain as to the roles they might play, and what daily caregiving entails. His intentions is for the book to serve as a general self-help manual that provides guidelines and inspirational talk to caregivers. It also has a chapter devoted to healthy eating lifestyles (as well as the benefits of essential oils) that in his opinion -and that of the experts- contain hefty benefits for care recipients. Although the foundational attitudes and tasks of caregiving remain constant, people will surely have their own unique experiences. Prayers for caregivers are written throughout.