About the Author

pic7Dr. Odell Glenn Jr. is described as a problem solver, team player, strategist and motivator. Marked by academic inquiry, he holds 4 degrees in various engineering disciplines, the later of which include the doctorate in chemical engineering. Outside scholarly achievement, he serves as minister, author, primary caregiver and the founder and CEO of “The 3 Tier Foundation”. His 12+ year role as caregiver prompted him to author: Care giving- The Inspirational Manual. His current work include providing SAT test-readiness preparation for youth in marginalized communities as well as advising small businesses owners with strategies and recommendations so as to optimize and promote growth. It is within these 3 areas- promoting youth’s upward educational achievements, providing workshops for small business owners with the intent of providing capital access resources and credit worthiness, and providing wellness and inspiration to community caregivers does the premise of his foundation lie. His foundation embodies a multifaceted, dynamic, ever changing and evolving entity with the overall objective for maintaining strong and robust communities. His overall mission in life is to minister to the intellectual, social and spiritual needs of all people. In order for him to disseminate information, he plans to continue to write books and public speak throughout a plethora of different genres. To book him, contact him via email at his address below. “Hear counsel and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end” Proverbs 19:20 (KJV)